School description


Our school has got two classes per level, so there are 18 classes with a capacity of 25 students per class.



- Wide and well illuminated classrooms with Internet connection through cable and wifi.

- Interactive whiteboards in 5th and 6th classrooms

- Wheelchair accessible building, with a ramp to the second floor.

- Big playgrounds with native pine forest and sports tracks. There is a playground for Infant Education and another one for Primary Education.

- Multipurpose covered playground.

- Fully equipped gym with suitable material to work Physical Education with Primary students and psychomotricity with Infant students.

- Changing rooms and showers for girls and boys.

- Library with different level reading books, reference books, encyclopedias, computers to do research work and interactive whiteboard.

- English classroom with interactive whiteboard, projection kit and computers for every student.

- Music classroom prepared to work with students from P3.

- Science and Computer Science classroom with computers, observation webcams connected to binoculars, microscopes, sciences kits… ready to develop the scientific knowledge (natural and technological areas).

- Two Special Education classrooms to offer individual support.

- Wide multipurpose room for meetings, theatre plays, projections or different activities.

- Dining room

- Morning daycare service and extracurricular activities.


- Personalized School Support in school hours for all levels. There are two teachers per class in certain subjects to offer support in key competences.

- Personalized School Support out of school hours to help students with different learning rhythms.

- Division of classes in two to reinforce oral Catalan and oral English.

- External education services such as speech therapists and educational psychologists.

- Our education offer continues at Baldiri Guilera secondary school.