Mathematics resources

Online resources

Webpage for Primary education students, with online resources related to different school subjects:

To practice and exercise we recommend you:

Circumference and circle
General elements about the circumference and the circle


Geometric shapes I

Geometric shapes in our environment. Polyhedra and solids of revolution


Geometric shapes II

Geometric shapes: types, compositions and nets


Straight lines and angles
Basic elements related to geometry: straight line, ray, segment and angle.


Angles: measure and operations
Angle classification, their measure and operations with angles.


Activities with geogebra V
Mathematics activities using Geogebra applications.


Polygons I
Flat shapes in our surroundings.


Polygons II

Polygons classification. Tangram.


Polygons III

Quadrilaterals and triangles. Polynomial game.


Triangle classification depending on their sides and angles. The right triangle.


Situation of elements in a plane
Cartesian coordinate system.


Representations and movements in a plane
Distances, angles and rotations. Planes and scales.


To practice operations calculating in one minute.


Definitions and jigsaws.


Tiling an area.


Friendly Mathematics
Mathematics games.


Mathematics notebooks
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Calculating in a different way.


La tienda
Learn how to buy and use money.


Operations game
Play calculating.