Dining room service

There is a dining room with catering service in our school. All students can use it normally or occasionally. The prices are fixed at the beginning of the school year. Parents can pay via direct debit payment on the 15th day of the month. Parents may sign a document with the amount of days the child is going to use the dining room service.

If you want to inform about any changes, you must go directly to the dining room or, in special cases, you can telephone before 9.30h in the morning.
Students that normally have lunch at school need to bring an overall (Infant Education), and a toilet bag to brush his/her teeth. Three years old students take a nap after lunch (4 and 5 years old students can take a nap too if they wish).

Families and students that use the school dining room must follow its rules. If they don’t, they will not be allowed to use it.