Festivities & traditions

When we celebrate festivities at school our objective is to integrate students into their closer environment and our culture.   These are our main objectives:

During the school year we carry on a project that makes easier the participation in different celebrations.

This project promotes transversal competences, specifically the artistic and cultural competence, the communicative competence and the social competence.

We work and evaluate objectives, contents and activities related to every traditional festivity (origin, History, place in the calendar...). We work about traditional customs and their relation to natural cycles and we try to avoid the commercial and consumer celebrations’ approach. 



Experiment and/or know the most significant elements of every celebration.

• Improve the communicative competence, increasing vocabulary.

• Enjoy the celebration of traditional festivities at school.

• Have a positive attitude.

• Participate in all the activities organized at school or in class.



► Chestnut festival and autumn ► Christmas and winter

► Carnival ► St. George and spring
► St. Joan and summer