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World Geography

Maps and resources to learn Geography

Is it day? Is it night?

Right now... Where is it day? And night?

  Test yourself... (“comarcas”)
  “Comarcas” editor
  MUD travelling
The weather

Teaching units for Primary. Geography

Recommended age for every teaching unit


A lot of activities related to Science in Java Clic

To make the activities you need Java installed in your system (v 1,3,1)


“Comarcas” (Counties)

Do you know how to situate the "comarcas" in Catalunya?


Geography. 4th grade:
"Las comarcas"
Mountain "comarcas"

  "Comarcas" game

European countries

The new Europe. Place all the countries.


Astronomy for girls and boys

Have fun knowing the space (in Spanish)


The solar system

Jclic activity: Activity to study the planets

Inform yourself

The world's guide

Inform yourself. All the countries in the world (in Spanish)

    Catalan hydrographic network