Physical education

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Can you move yourself with a wheelchair? Put yourself in their place.
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We take care of our body:
Sitting down: Your back straight and supported
  Unió de consells esportius de Catalunya
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  Pratenc Athletism Club. School Sport Games. Athletism May 2012
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Health education
  Catalan Federation of Athletism
In Ludos you will find resources to have fun while you learn new things about Physical Education.
  Ethics through a Sports Plan
JClic activities:   When your kids are playing, count from 1 to 3 and...
Physical Education: 1st and 2nd key stage (6-10 years old)   Educational resources: Physical Education
Physical Education: I know my body, we play sports, walking, running, jumping... In front, behind, near... Before, during and after   Play with her. Ethics in collaboration with FCB